There was a woman driving near the lake. The car suddenly stopped. She stepped out of the car and held her head. »What should I do now?« she asked herself. Her mood became desperate.
She was a single 35 year old woman, named Cindy. Her hair was as black as the night she was stuck in. She wore long black skirt with tall red boots and she wore a golden necklase which had a big cross on it. As she stood there worried inside and out, a man jumped out of the bushes.
»Man, you scared the panites off of me!« she screamed. I could hear the man breathing hard and searching for air.
»S-s-sorry. I didn’t mean to« he said with his voice breaking. Cindy took a step back and took out her light. She was afraid of the man. He was tall but very strange. His eyes were blackbrown and he had a beard that was growing into places a beard should never grow.
»Do not b-be afraid. I-I won’t hurt yo-u.« He came closer and extended his hand just like he would reach for her. Cindy, cold as a dead fish from fear, moved as quickly as she could and stepped on a small brench. That brench cracked and sent a weird noise out in the woods. The wind blew directly in her face and she felt her hair lifting from the fear that she was experiencing. The weird man opened the front of the car and poured some liquid in it.
Cindy stood in front of the forest holding her light with her shaking hand. That light threw some strange shadows everytime Cindy moved the light. The moon,which was shining  before, hid behind the clouds. There was silence everywhere.
»It’s done mamm.«
»Thank you sir« she came closer to the car and felt like ants were climbing on her body. She shook it and she was right in front of the weird man, just like that.
»You’re welcome Cindy« the man said. Cindy shone the light on his face and felt the ant-feeling again as she saw his creepy smile.
»You’re talking … normal« Cindy said. We could hear the fear in her voice. »And you know my name!« Cindy was shocked. She screamed and her throat started closing from fear.
»I know many things Cindy. I know you’ve shot a man and then ran out on him. I know you stole and I know you’re gonna be dead tomorrow!«
Cindy  threw the light down and started running as fast as she could. She felt confident when she saw the man’s not behind her but when she turned forward he was standing right in front of her with his knife in his hand. He smiled and whispered in her ear right when he stabbed her »You didn’t kill me to the end you know. Have sweet dreams.« He left her body fall down. He bent and kissed her forehead. His job was done.
»Woman,35,was found dead yesterday in the forest. She was stabbed animally. The murderer is still unknown. The police is warning: be careful who you trust and let in your house!«